Stefan du Fresne

Last updated Nov 2021

Hello! I'm Stefan, a software developer with 15 years of experience. Originally from New Zealand, I currently live in London, England.

I am:

Recent tech:

Work Samples

Two recent codebases I've worked on that you can check out on GitHub:

Sanremo, A Recent Personal Project

Sanremo is a React / Redux / MUI based offline first web app, written in JS / TS. It uses PouchDB on the front end and a combination of custom sync code and to push data to a postgresql db on the backend.

Sanremo has a few goals:

  • Build a simple tool that lets me easily create repeatable checklists, inspired by the use of aviation checklists by pilots
  • Be an excuse to write something non trivial using some tech that I hadn't had a chance to use professionally
  • Investigate some performance and stability issues between PouchDB adapters
  • Practice coding with my voice, as an rsi mitigation strategy

Medic, The Last Five Years

Medic's work is almost entirely open source: code, PRs, tickets and many design documents (if linked in tickets) are available. The bulk is against the medic/cht-core repository.

Cht-core is the core framework of the Community Health Toolkit: a responsive offline-first web app designed to run on cheap android phones, a back-end api that supports it, and a back-end message processing engine.

For code contributions, you can see a list of my branch merges here. Note that Medic employs a deliberately restrictive merge to master policy. All testing, rework, design discussion etc happens in a branch, with a squashed merge to master indicating that the feature or fix is complete and ready for production. This policy, combined with squashing merges, results in a cleaner (but sparser!) commit log.

For ticket contributions you can see a list of tickets I've contributed to here.

Work Experience

2015-2020: Senior Software Developer & Engineering Manager @ Medic (UK remote)

Medic is a non-profit that "designs, delivers, and supports world-class, open-source software for health workers providing care in the world’s hardest-to-reach communities."

As senior software developer:

As engineering manager

2013-2015: Software Developer & Team Lead @ Movio (NZ, UK remote)

Movio produces "data-driven marketing solutions for the film industry".

2012-2013: Software Developer @ Foster Moore (NZ)

Foster Moore are "the world experts in electronic registries."

2008-2012: Java Developer & Implementation Consultant @ Orion Health (NZ, US, ES)

Orion Health is "an award-winning, global provider of healthcare information technology advancing population health and precision medicine solutions for personalised care across the entire health community."

2006-2008 Software Developer & Solnet Solutions (NZ)

Solnet Solutions is "a leading provider of technology innovation for government and private enterprise, specialising in the development of solutions using open source technologies."


Technical Summary

Anything Else?

References available upon request.

I'm not on social media much, but there are more links to me around the web at